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just finished Veronica Mars… 3 amazing seasons and an awesome film.. its all so bittersweet and amazing and sad and I didn’t want it to end (ignore the fact that I’m about 6 years late to this fan-party!)

My hat goes off to the amazing Veronica Mars fans - you patiently waited between seasons, endured the pain of saying goodbye, waited and then funded a film! Not many fandoms can say they’ve been through that and still be so strong and vast! I was a bit young to get into Veronica Mars when it first came out but I’m so glad I did now.. I loved it so much and wish there were more seasons. The movie was beautiful for the closure of characters and underlying plots, and it wouldn’t have happened without the fans - you provided me with something I needed before i even knew I needed it!

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    Awwww :3 I hope you read the book too! It’s just as amazing and you get a huge look into Veronica’s perspective.
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    It’s not over yet! There’s a movie book sequel called ‘The Thousand Dollar Tan Line’, the plot is straight after the...
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